Review of Virtual Mate - The most realistic virtual partner game.

Looking for your next adventure in virtual reality gaming?

After two years in development, and just 48 hours into launch, Virtual Mate broke all records on the crowdfunding platform for an adult tech company. Achieving 300% of its funding within the first two days, this VR game and device has been making the headlines across the industry.

An interactive device that ‘pairs’ with a VR game for male, Virtual Mate certainly looks stylish.
In this Virtual Mate review, we take a closer look at this record-breaking adult-tech project and find out whether it is just another VR toy or something we should all be getting excited about.

What's Virtual Mate?

A new concept in VR technology, the Virtual Mate purports to offer the ‘world’s most realistically intimate virtual experience…ever’. Synchronized using revolutionary technology, they link up the latest in teledildonics with incredible 3D (or 2D) graphics to deliver an immersive, virtual girlfriend experience.

The Virtual Mate is a multi functional device that claims to be able to offer seamless interactivity with an array of virtual women using some of the finest and highest definition 3D imaging.

What’s Special About Virtual Mate?

In fact, the technology behind toys for male has just been getting better and better. Bluetooth connections that communicate sensations can offer surprisingly good results and VR content production companies have been pairing this technology with POV footage for a few years.

So, what makes Virtual Mate so special? Glad you asked!

Well, the major difference between all of these examples and Virtual Mate is that THIS product is the world’s first human-computer interaction interface. What that means is that your virtual partner can respond to the real-time sensors equipped in the external ‘Core’ device. With multiple intelligent sensors collecting motion data from you and your actions, the on-screen (or VR headset) avatar can respond in return to the depth, speed and strength signals you are sending.

All in all, the result should deliver a far more powerfully immersive experience. Certainly anyone who has tried out with this type of game will attest that the on-screen responses can often be repetitive and ‘robotic’ yet Virtual Mate is assuring us that their software is different. 

What this shows is amazingly high-quality content that looks incredibly realistic. From the lighting, skin tones and ‘jiggle’ of flesh to facial expressions, fluidity of motion and rendering, the visuals of the software element to Virtual Mate look staggeringly realistic.

What this shows is amazingly high-quality content that looks incredibly realistic. From the lighting, skin tones and ‘jiggle’ of flesh to facial expressions, fluidity of motion and rendering, the visuals of the software element to Virtual Mate look staggeringly realistic.

The first virtual girlfriend to be produced is Shelia and her body, face, movements and voice have all been painstakingly put together using facial rigging facial/body capture and real-time rendering technology. The results have to be seen to be believed but the initial feedback promises that this is no ordinary VR experience. ‘She knows how you move… and she likes it’ Secondly, Sheila is not the only girlfriend that you can get intimate with using the technology.

The company wants to create a whole stable of virtual mates that they can offer to their customers. Whilst the initial development of these offerings will be open for public vote (it’s good publicity), there is the possibility that anyone can become a virtual mate. Yes, as long as you have the permission for copyright, you could request a virtual replica of your own girlfriend or even a celebrity…if they agree.

The company launched its first contest in which it offered backers the chance to vote for their favorite star as a potential candidate for the next virtual mate. From a choice of Cherie DeVille, Jessica Sage, Cindy Starfall, Maddy O’Reilly, Lexi Luna, Jaclyn Taylor, Tana Lea or Tiffany Watson most guys wouldn’t be disappointed by whoever wins this one. The possibilities are almost endless and are also not restricted to women either.

Which is another reason why Virtual Mate is getting so much attention. Whilst the initial product design has been engineered for male customers, they are already working on a device that can satisfy their female clients. There’s no firm news about when this will be completed but this will really give them an edge over the competition.

Lastly, Virtual Mate is not intended to be a ‘passive’ device that you sit back and watch those videos with. It’s a game and there is plenty of development going into the creation of a virtual environment (Story Mode) that will make you want to keep coming back to spend time with your ‘mate’ for more than just the interaction. The game developers are promising a plot-rich world whose characters come with captivating back-stories and more realistic interactions. So, instead of a pre-recorded response, the lovers you will encounter in this game should be able to make it feel like you are forming deeper connections for more rewarding encounters.

Call The Core

When you purchase a Virtual Mate you will receive the ‘Core’; the external hardware that has been elegantly and intelligently designed using world-leading technology.

It looks a lot like a smart speaker and could easily pass for a Google Assistant but is just the result of two years of clever design.

It features a smart warming system, high sensitivity sensors and a Bluetooth module all encased in a sleek geometric piece of artwork. Internally, the sleeve is made from food-grade silicone and along with the warming mechanism ensures the most comfortable experience.

Along with the hardware, customers will also get access to the software via a download.

Technical Details

PC Mac Laptop Mobile compatible.

The Virtual Mate will initially be compatible with both PC and Mac as well as with mobile devices.

Customers who want to experience the game in VR mode will be able to do so using either HTC Vive and Occulus. They are trying to develop a connection with PlayStation but have yet to confirm whether this will be in place prior to the launch.

Virtual Mate Review: Is It Any Good?

From first-hand accounts of the units shipping: Yes!

We can’t deny that we are a little bit excited by the prospect of the Virtual Mate Intimacy System. On paper, and in the marketing footage taken from the game itself, it looks like something out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie and promises to be an exceptional experience. With the prospect of custom made avatars to add into the game and even immortalizing yourself and/or your real life partner, Virtual Mate may just be to the adult gaming community what Second Life was to the virtual word of gaming a decade or so ago. Only time will tell if the product is as good as it is purported to be but we are definitely sold on the idea at the current prices!